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The international adventure of Domingo Alonso Group started 20 years ago, when they decided to start up in the nearby archipelago of Cape Verde. This meant, in 1998, their first business experience out across the Canary Islands borders. Ever since then, most of the efforts of Domingo Alonso Group have been devoted to the internationalization of the company.

Today, we operate in more than 35 markets on 3 different continents: Europe, America and Africa, distributing more than 20 brands. Domingo Alonso Group closed the year 2017 with more than 31,800 registered units and a turnover of 960 million euros.
These results are the result of the excellent management that the company has developed in recent years with its internationalization strategy.

We have central offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a regional delegation in Miami. On the other hand, the countries where we operate today include: Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Curacao, Portugal, Spain, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Niger, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Sao Tome and Principe, Equatorial Guinea, Burundi, Burundi, Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo. However, the desire to conquer new markets does not stop and Domingo Alonso Group is looking at new countries, with new projects for more brands.

The company is a great example of internationalization, that has succeed finding business opportunities in other markets during the years of declining economy. Proof of it would be that Actualidad Económica, a Spanish business magazine, has awarded the company in 2016 for the Best International Career.


Turnover (in M€)

Domingo Alonso Group reached, in the financial year 2007, 900 million euros in turnover, a record figure in the group's history. Subsequently, due to the strong economic recession that affected Spain and, with much more aggressively, the Canary Islands, strategic territory within the Group, it saw its turnover reduced during 2008 and 2009. Since then, thanks to the improvement in the national and international business tendency, as well as the investments made by the Domingo Alonso Group, has managed to recover the positive trend. Since then, its turnover has experienced steady growth.

Domingo Alonso Group remains firm in its strategy based on four main pillars: steady improvement of the efficiency in its existing business and investments, the internationalization of its core business, the automotive sector, the expansion in the technological business through its own developments and its subsequent internationalization and its increase in its investments in the tourism sector.

Domingo Alonso Group is aware of the importance, in the automotive sector where it operates, of obtaining of synergies generated with the size as well as the development and the multiple mobility options that the client may require. These objectives will be key in the Group's development strategy.


Grupo Salvador Caetano

Salvador Caetano Group started its activity in Portugal in the year 1946, under the great tenacity of its founder, Salvador Fernandes Caetano, whose motto was “Always present in tomorrow’s construction”. Ever since its incorporation as manufacturer of bodyworks for buses, the Salvador Caetano Group has travelled a long way, and has become a strong-rooted Group, allowing the expansion of its activity to other business areas and cross-border expansion. It currently has more than 100 companies located in 33 countries on two different continents: Europe and Africa, employing over 6,000 people in five different business areas: industry, distribution, retail, energy and services.

After several years of strategic alliance between both groups in order to carry out new innovative projects, and therefore, to become even more competitive in the automotive sector, in 2017, Domingo Alonso Group entered the shareholding of the Portuguese holding company Salvador Caetano. This investment means strengthening the relationship with its international automotive partner. Thus it participates in a group of more than 75 companies with more than 300 dealers in Portugal and Spain, which represents more than 25 brands with a turnover exceeding 2000 million Euros. For the Domingo Alonso Group this alliance allows it to become the main operator in the Iberian Peninsula, with annual sales that exceeds 110,000 vehicles, while at the same time increasing its growth in international context and support to deal with the changes in the new era of the car sector.

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