01 July 2014

Singular Factory, a Canarian company that develops technological and online businesses, is backed by the Domingo Alonso Group. Singular Factory has begun its international expansion emphatically, initiating PaletExpress projects in Gran Canaria, Manila, Madrid, Oviedo and Miami.

In addition to the Domingo Alonso Group´s backing, Singular Factory is also supported by the Mexican group FESE and the Chilean consultant Informat, both of which have become company stakeholders. Gustavo Medina del Rosario, the founder, on behest of the new shareholders, keeps his majority shareholding in order to maintain the original project´s leadership, experience and vision.

The company participates in over 12 digital projects such as Singular Games, Singular Ecommerce, Little Smart Planet, The Magic Turn and GO7. As for service projects, Inventiaplus and PaletExpress are its most important projects. The aim at this new stage is to boost their B2B and B2C products internationally. In the United States and Latin America, Singular Factory is developing IT projects.

From its base in the Canary Islands, Singular Factory keeps its production agile, but its international growth will be run from Florida, where Gustavo Medina has set up a head office. The PaletExpress philosophy understands that talent acquisition and online innovation are great opportunities in a globalized world, and that it is also an alternative and profitable sector, compared to other, more traditional ones found in the Canaries.

The Domingo Alonso Group sees this as another step in its strategy for internationalization and its diversification into IT, in which it has bet heavily in recent years. More specifically, our IPGS project based in Miami, has recently invested in a commercial network throughout Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina.