24 December 2013

Magüi Melian, Head of Volkswagen Canarias in the Domingo Alonso Group for over 10 years, recently received Volkswagen´s most distinguished worldwide award: the Diamond Pin. Volkswagen presented her with this award for her outstanding achievements during her career and for her loyalty to the brand. The Diamond Pin is the highest honor that the German car maker awards annually to the most outstanding people in the Volkswagen Group.

The ceremony took place in Wolfsburg, home of the Volkswagen plant in Germany, where the manufacturer delivered the Diamond Pin to Magüi Melian for her dedication, perseverance and effort as manager of the Volkswagen brand in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla . This Pin honors her impeccable career.

The criteria that the German car followed in awarding Magüi Melian were her loyalty to the brand, her highly organized work, her market analysis, her control and reduction of costs, closely following manufacturer's standards and her work management, as well as her commitment to customer satisfaction and keeping Volkswagen in the top spot, in the Canary Islands, continuously since 2005.

Magüi Melian was the fourth person in the group Domingo Alonso to receive the prestigious Diamond Pin. The first was Artemio Alonso in 1966. Subsequently, Sergio Alonso, President of Domingo Alonso Group, was awarded it in 1974 in recognition of his entrepreneurial achievements and management quality. In 2008, Oliver Alonso, Director General of Domingo Alonso Group, also was awarded this prestigious accolade.

This year, Magüi Melian was one of only two women out of the 61 people worldwide who received the German manufacturer´s Diamond Pin. These 61 people were chosen from over 10,000 dealers and 176 importers worldwide. For Domingo Alonso, the Diamond Pin is an acknowledgement its continuous growth and its unquestionable loyalty to the brand.