19 August 2018

Last Sunday afternoon Mr. Sergio Alonso Reyes passed away at his home in Gran Canaria, he was the model of both a businessman and a very respected gentleman . The employees and partners of his group´s companies have felt the need to write a few lines in memory of a most humble, honest and uncomplicated man. A man who for so many years held the position of president of Domingo Alonso Group. Mr. Sergio Alonso Reyes was the ultimate example of a true entrepreneur, and it is for this reason that we wanted to make our condolences public.

Mr. Sergio Alonso was a businessman and during his whole life he strongly believed in growth and reinvestment. He was aware that in such a competitive world, companies should be based on solid financial structures an reinvest in order for their companies to grow in a fully sustained manner. This belief was consistent with his way of understanding life and making it possible for our business group today to be a benchmark in the Canary Islands.

We must also remember Mr. Sergio Alonso for his continuous and constant commitment to technology. He never spared resources and his companies were endowed with cutting-edge technology, betting on digitalization at all levels and being the first to be an example of the personal use of digital media. He was aware that if he did not make the effort to always be at the forefront of technology and progress, it would be impossible for his companies to face the constant challenge of adapting to these changing times

However what really distinguished Mr. Sergio Alonso as an entrepreneur, without a doubt, was his attitude and the proximity to his employees. Mr. Alonso will always be remembered for his calm and serene attitude when dealing with problems. He was never in a bad mood and never put anyone down, he always employed a rational search for solutions and gave the utmost support to all his employees and executives. It is impossible not to remember Mr. Alonso with his open and friendly smile always ready to be present and listen. That ability to listen, and the simplicity and humanity that he continually displayed, made us all feel comfortable at his side and enjoy his intelligent points of view. As a direct consequence of that extraordinarily human vision of life, Mr. Sergio Alonso wanted to contribute altruistically to projects of a social nature in the Canary Islands with special emphasis on the need to promote education as an essential element to achieve individual freedom. Something in which he believed so much. To this end he created a foundation that bears his name and to which he endowed funds to participate in humanitarian and educational projects in the Canary islands.

Mr. Alonso was always very involved in the satisfaction, talent and family conciliation of his employees. He was the precursor of the Domingo Alonso Children's School, becoming a model of family and work conciliation. With a great human quality towards his employees, he was always open to finding new ways to improve happiness at work.

We, the employees and collaborators who were fortunate enough to enjoy working by his side, can attest that Mr. Alonso was a reference for the way he manifested himself but above all for his non-negotiable values. He never tolerated bankruptcy. Transparency, honesty, sincerity, and education, were the conditions that Mr. Alonso demanded in the relationship between the employees of the Domingo Alonso Group and also as an inescapable duty towards our clients.

Through all these values ​​that Mr. Alonso taught us and with such patience, dedication and devotion we are in debt to him, and we want to express our pain for this irremediable loss and at this time we want to express our commitment to be faithful to those values ​​that he taught us and to always fight so that this group of companies continues to be, like you, Mr. Alonso, an example of leadership and honesty.

Employees and partners of Domingo Alonso Group