02 June 2014

Arbentia is a business and IT consultant and is part of the Domingo Alonso Group. Over the last 80 years, the Domingo Alonso Group has been able to diversify its business and markets, thanks to its firm commitment to human capital and knowledge management. The group is currently made up of 28 companies and employs over 1100 people in 3 different continents. Arbentia, with its expertise in "Dynamics" and other specific sectors, fits in perfectly with the group´s other IT companies.

Arbentia is a start up launched earlier this year. It has a team of 20 senior professionals (each with an average of 12 years experience) who provide expertise for IT businesses.

All their professionals have ample experience in the sector, and backed by important and well-known customers from the Microsoft Dynamics channel. Daniel Taboada, leads this project as the company´s CEO.

Arbentia offers its clients management solutions that go beyond business planning systems (ERP). So, while Microsoft Dynamics is the basis of business, it also focuses on customer relation management (CRM) solutions, or other tools that boost market intelligence, reporting and business intelligence. The idea is to cover any technological need a business may have.

Arbentia focuses on two broad client categories. On the one hand the Spanish SMEs in sectors such as the car industry, distribution, engineering, construction, fisheries or the manufacturing of animal feed. All these companies work nationally and internationally. The second major group of clients are multinational companies with subsidiaries in Spain, to whom we offer a close and customized service. In this sense, it is part of a network of international partners that takes advantage of its power in various countries.

From its beginnings Arbentia wanted to be as close to its customers as possible. Arbentia´s philosophy is embodied in its values: service, long-term commitment to the customer, innovation, transparency ... Basically, to do a good job. Therefore, their methodology is important.

Arbentia has opted to employ agile methodologies. It is about applying the best possible methods for each project, but without forgetting that the most important factor in IT solutions are not technical or tools used by consultants, but the quality of these consultants. No two projects are the same, so the consultancy work has to adapt its solutions to the clients needs.

Arbentia´s biggest challenge is to resolve its clients concerns, and to do this they follow three main guidelines. The first is the optimization of products and systems on the market. It is important to use the best tools available to improve customer processes. The second line is the updating of customer installations. A reduction in investment, due to the economic recession, has made some systems outdated; the company helps the clients transitions to be quick and efficient. The third is the search for new solutions, and potential technological and business challenges. Arbentia knows tools such as Dynamics NAV, CRM and AX very well, but there are new channels that companies should exploit, such as e-commerce, mobility management and internationalization. The idea is for Arbentia to help its clients integrate these new systems.